Donor FAQ

Q. What is WyoGives?

WyoGives is a 24-hour day of online giving designed to bring the state together as one community to raise money and awareness for Wyoming's nonprofits. WyoGives will take place July 12 from midnight to 11:59 PM. 

WyoGives is an initiative of the Wyoming Nonprofit Network, the state association for nonprofits. Our mission is to represent the collective voice of the Wyoming charitable nonprofit sector and bring best practices, resources and support to the nonprofit community.

Q. How does WyoGives work?

You can use the search function to either browse for organizations of interest or find a specific organization to make a donation. The Gift Basket on WyoGives is your very own "shopping cart" - this allows you the opportunity to browse around the site and add gifts to your basket without needing to check out immediately. Then when you are ready to check out, you'll just enter your payment information once and confirm your gifts. The minimum donation amount is $5.00. 

Your tax receipt is emailed to you immediately upon processing your donation. To claim a donation as a deduction on U.S. taxes, you should retain the donation receipt as an official record.

Q. Which organizations can participate?

Organizations that are verified 501(c)(3) charitable nonprofits that are headquartered or provide on-the-ground program and services in Wyoming.

Q. How will donations be distributed?

Each donation made to a participating nonprofit will be disbursed directly from GiveGab, via direct deposit, to the receiving nonprofit.

Q. How much of my donation goes to the nonprofit?

GiveGab retains a 3% platform fee from all donations. Credit Card and mobile pay processing fees are an additional 2.5% + $0.30 for all major credit cards and mobile pay apps  (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover; mobile pay options include Apple, Google, Mirosoft). Plaid/ACH payment is a $3.00 flat fee ($100 minimum donation). A 1% fee is retained by the Wyoming Nonprofit Network for costs related to platform management. You are given the option to cover the fees.  If you choose to cover the fees, 100% of your online charitable gift will go to the receiving organization. All donations are final and cannot be refunded.

Q. What is is GiveGab?

GiveGab is a nonprofit giving platform that helps nonprofits to raise money, engage donors and manage volunteers quickly and efficiently. GiveGab offers a full portfolio of simple and easy to use products that allows organizations to function in a more streamlined manner.

Q. Who will receive my contact information?

The organization(s) you choose to support will have access to your name and email address. This information is used solely to send thank you messages and to provide you the option to receive future notifications. You have the option to make your donation anonymous. Anonymous donations will be displayed as "Anonymous" on the organization's page. Organizations will still have access to your name and email address. 

Q. Why should I give through WyoGives as opposed to giving directly to my favorite organization?

Great question! The WyoGives team always supports giving directly to the nonprofits of your choice anytime of the year. While we encourage year-round and annual giving, here are the main reasons to give through WyoGives:

  • WyoGives is raising AWARENESS for nonprofits. By coming together one day, we will be able to leverage all of our resources to promote all of the good work charities are doing in communities across Wyoming!
  • WyoGives SUPPORTS the participating nonprofits through free training, tools and templates so they can be successful. This knowledge and experience will be a benefit to their ongoing development efforts.
  • Many nonprofits have a matching gift for their campaign. This gives them the opportunity to LEVERAGE donations during the day.
  • EXCITEMENT and CELEBRATION - Giving is contagious!  We will come together as a state in one 24-hour period to give back and support our nonprofit community that touches our lives everyday. With so many nonprofits to discover, there is a mission/cause that will speak to you!