Nonprofit FAQ

Q. What is WyoGives?

WyoGives, an initiative of the Wyoming Nonprofit Network, brings the state together as one community to raise money and awareness for Wyoming’s nonprofits on one day each year and on one website. is an easy-to-use platform where individuals can search and donate to nonprofits across the state that are making a difference in our communities every day.

Q. Who is the host of WyoGives?

WyoGives is hosted by the Wyoming Nonprofit Network, whose mission is to amplify, cultivate, and advocate for Wyoming’s nonprofits. The Wyoming Nonprofit Network is a statewide association for charitable nonprofits.

Q. When is WyoGives?

WyoGives is held each year in July. This year, the 5th Annual WyoGives is on July 10, 2024, from midnight to 11:59 PM, with Wyoming’s Statehood also being celebrated on the same day!

Q. Our nonprofit is not registered, can we still participate?

Registration for WyoGives 2024 closed on June 10, 2024, and the Wyoming Nonprofit Network does not accept any late registrations. Typically, open registration for WyoGives begins in mid-March and closes at least one month before the giving day. The Wyoming Nonprofit Network encourages organizations to mark their calendars for March annually and check back here for more information on how to register.

Q. Where can I find information for donors who have questions about WyoGives?

Go to our Donor FAQ page.

Q. What are online and offline donations?

Online donations are contributions received on July 10th via the platform. There are different online payment options, see the Donor FAQ for more information. 

Offline donations are contributions you receive via checks or cash as part of your WyoGives campaign. Please add these to your dashboard so that they are included in your fundraising total. Go to "Donation Tools" on your dashboard, and you will see a "Add Offline Donations". You can enter offline donations through July 31st. Offline donations do not count towards prizes or the Hughes Charitable Foundation Incentive Pool. 

Q. How can I access donor reports and how will we receive our donations?

Donation reports can be accessed on your organization’s dashboard (on the left side menu under "Reports"). Step-by-step instructions for accessing donor reports are available online.

Each online donation made to a participating nonprofit will be disbursed directly from GiveGab/Bonterra via direct deposit into your bank account within 5-7 business days. It is likely that funds will not be received in one deposit; based on credit card processing timelines, it may be broken up into a few separate deposits. To reconcile deposits, reference your financial report, which are available in the “Reports” section of your GiveGab dashboard.

Q. How much of each donation will my organization receive?

For processing fees, see the Donor FAQ page. Donors are given the option to cover the fees. If they choose this, 100% of the gift will go to the receiving organization.

Q. Will donors receive a receipt at the time they make the online contribution?

Yes, a formal email tax acknowledgment from the event will be sent automatically as soon as the donation is made. 

Q. Should my organization also send a tax acknowledgment letter?

No. GiveGab must issue all donor acknowledgments for tax purposes, which will be issued to the donor via email immediately after the donation. The participating organization may issue a separate informal “thank you” but must not issue the formal tax acknowledgment that references the donation amount.

Q. If we win a prize, when and how will we receive those funds?

Prize winners will be noted on the the Prize page as they are announced. The Wyoming Nonprofit Network will issue checks for the prize winning organizations. They will be mailed to the organization by July 31st, using the mailing address provided when you registered.

Q.  How are the Hughes Charitable Foundation Incentive Pool funds distributed?

If your organization has been approved for the Hughes Charitable Foundation (HCF) Incentive Pool and is listed on the HCF participating organizations document*, you will receive a portion of the $1,000,000 Incentive Pool based on your online fundraising total. Each nonprofit's payout will be proportional to the total online amount raised by all HCF participating organizations, with a maximum payout limit per organization.

These funds will be transferred to your bank account within 4-6 weeks. The Wyoming Nonprofit Network will add this amount to your organization’s profile; don't add it yourself. Additional updates about the HCF payout will be communicated by email. 

If your organization meets the criteria for HCF Incentive Pool inclusion and you are not on the participating organization list*, please know that Wyoming Nonprofit Network has made every effort to communicate that this was a separate process from registration. This information was included in the pre-application information, the registration questionnaire, webinar trainings, and the weekly WyoGives bulletin. If you believe your organization has been mistakenly left off this list, you MUST contact the Wyoming Nonprofit Network by Tuesday, July 9, 2024. 

*HCF Participating Organizations List; this has also been shared in the weekly WyoGives Bulletins.